This may sound strange to you, but I like to work with my customers without a fixed price.

What I aim to do is please whoever I am serving, therefore, I am very reasonable.

In terms of what I shoot for reasonable fees, I shoot children portraits, family portraits, business portfolio portraits, social media profile pictures, landscapes, food, “needed” shots of any items type, area shots (for architectural/construction needs,) party shots, macro photography and more.

I have stylists to help most of the time and makeup artists, so there’s always everything you need within range, so long as you tell me exactly what you would like.

Contact me when you have decided what type of service you’d like. I’d be more than happy to serve you in any way that I can. There’s no limit to how big or small your project is, I’ll make sure it’s to your liking and work with you all the way through it.